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Brubaker we do not assume the homogenous or coherent nature of narrations and practices of individuals in the selected groups but rather we study them empirically. An insight into their spatial practices and narrations will enable us to understand the extent to which the city functions as a socially fragmented organism or, for its part, as an interwoven entity.

In other words, what is the potential for social cohesion as part of the urban identity of the city? The position from which we start out is one on the margins which, theoretically substantiated by post-colonial theory, permits critical observation of the mainstream and the dominant mainstays of Croatian society on the example of its capital city.

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The Making Of Cities: Skylines

Home Research team Activities and results Contact Hrvatski. City-making: space, culture and identity Contemporary cities are salient hubs of global, transnational, national and local political, economic, social and cultural flows and, by the same token, transformations. Our research questions can be summarised as follows: 1. How do various actors of city-making city managers, civil society associations, residents imagine and create the city? How do these images and creations relate to one another?

Making Cities Resilient

By which everyday practices do city residents symbolically inscribe themselves in the city, notably in public spaces? How is social, economic and cultural marginality treated by policy makers? How are issues of city governance with regard to public spaces, diversity, marginality represented in media? How are the taken-for-granted mainstream political, social and cultural values nation, democracy, multiculturalism, social diversity, tolerance experienced in everyday practices?

What is the potential for social cohesion as part of urban identity?

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Which—and to what extent—economic, social, political and environmental factors as well as public policies influence the quality of life in the city? All rights reserved.

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Inclusive Citymaking

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