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Choose the hooks wisely Hooks may vary depending on the size that is being required by a particular pattern. This goes to show that not all crochet hooks can work well with all kinds of patterns. Hundreds of free doilies patterns to crochet, free ebooks. Free vintage doily crochet patterns book Doilies to Treasure. In Ireland, where the lace is so extensively done, no directions are ever given for the background, because if minute directions for fillings could be written, they would be so extremely intricate that to attempt to follow them would drive most workers distracted.

The easiest plan, and the one which we shall adopt, is to teach the general plan of each filling and leave the worker to practise it until she becomes familiar with it. There are two threads, as it were, used in working this lace. One is the working thread, which is used to make the stitches; the other thread, or cord, is only used to work over, which gives this lace the rich effect so different from ordinary crochet work.

Design & crochet lace by Victoria Belvet

This cord is sometimes held close to the work and the stitches are made over it into the row of stitches made before, working only in the back loops or the stitches are worked over it alone, using it as a foundation. In making Irish crochet the stitches should be uniform, close and compact; loose or ragged crochet makes inferior lace, wanting in crispness, and the padding cord should never show through the work. It is necessary in a book of this nature to remember the beginner in lace making as well as the experienced worker, and in consequence we have given detailed instructions for making the simplest as well as the most intricate designs, hoping the collection will be welcome to all lovers of crochet. Cork was soon recognized as the main centre of the crochet lace industry in the South of Ireland but the manufacture soon spread to other areas. Mrs W. Thornton introduced crochet as an experiment in County Kildare, first as a famine relief scheme, and it proved so successful that a demand developed for teachers to go to other parts of Ireland. Exquisite models of Guipure and Point de Venise lace were developed there and Mrs Hand also developed a style of crochet based on Church lace, which became available after the dissolution of the; monasteries in Spain.