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I Love Hannah Brown.

I really love this season because I just plain love Hannah. The older I get, the more I find myself drawn to happy people. Or she pulls herself back up. Her earnest, open-hearted, kind truth-teller vibe is my everything right now and watching her navigate this has been a delight this show desperately needed.

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I think it will work. I hope it does. Because I love Hannah Brown.

Bachelorette: Men Tell All: Luke Parker Justifies Comments About Hannah Brown's Sex Life

Okay, time for some boys. Check out MyEntWorld on Twitter for first impressions and early takes because I love to call my shot on pure instinct but at this point I feel like I know the guys well enough to lay out my definitive rankings. Jed I am never not skeptical of the guy with the guitar because, of all the self-promotional reasons to go on this show, being an aspiring musician is the most obvious. Because Jed is awesome. Jed first showed up on my radar when he handled the awkward situation of walking in on Hannah canoodling with a shirtless Luke P with incredible grace and maturity despite only being 25 which is insane to me but the perfect age for Hannah.

He solidified his spot at the top of this list on his one-on-one this week for a couple of reasons. Again, their chemistry is so lovely to watch. And he chose the tiny moment they got to spend alone off camera in the photobooth as his favourite part of the date, which I think says a ton about how genuine he is. Jed broke that system in this episode by admitting that he saw the show as a chance to advance his career.

Of course he did. I might even argue it further validates it- he was neither looking for it nor expecting it but it happened anyway. Mostly I just really love truth tellers.

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Jed risked losing her in order to show her the respect of being honest with her. Peter Speaking of sexy. Young Nick Viall whom Peter somewhat resembles had it too, before his handsomeness got super literal and instagrammy. Peter strikes me as kind, sweet, and uncomplicated which I absolutely mean as a compliment in general and a specific endorsement for his compatibility with Hannah. But Jo Ella had other plans. Unlike most of the others she could read and when she found a newspaper ad for mail-order-brides, she talked half of Al's girls into finding a husband and settling down as real ladies.

When the stagecoach caring the girls overturned on a sharp curve in the road, the girls were battered and bruise Book One concerns Julie McKay the oldest daughter of George McKay who comes home after many years in the city to face the father of her child. Book Two is about Letty, the daughter that models part time to put herself through law school. When she comes home she runs into Hank Silver, and quickly decides he's the man for her, but Hank won't have anything to do with her.

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Book Three Is S He hires a cook who turns out to be much more. Courting Abby, Clint and Abby had been best friends forever, until one night he compromised her. Now he had to court her back into his life. Hannah's Man, Rusty is a reluctant hero, when he saves Hannah's ranch.

But did he have to go and marry her too?

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Along Came Love, Jake's passed Admittedly he was too old for her, but she worked with him day after day and she thought she really loved him, until he brought a red head on his arm into the kitchen that morning and announced he was engaged. What Wendy didn't know was that Wade had somehow changed.

Sam Jamison walked into her life at just the right moment and saved her from embarrassment. Now Wade didn't want her dat She wasn't happy, but she was content, until Chester lost her in a poker game. Trish was devastated.

Hannah's Man

How could he do such a thing? Gil Davis offered Trish a proposition. If she'd stay with him for the next three years, and come to the gambling tables with him, he'd pay her a small salary, and take care of her until she was able to get a divorce. Could she trust Gil?