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But, he's in for another shock once he finds her A murderer is captured by the police but refuses to speak unless they bring him Jack Reacher - who is he and what link does Reacher have to this man? One of Reacher's old army friends is dead and 6 more are missing - can Reacher find out what's going on and save them all? Jack Reacher is walking the long empty roads between the small towns of America but after some cops try to chase him away, he becomes determined to find out what secrets of the locals are keeping Reacher knows the tell-tale signs of spotting a suicide bomber and as he rides the New York subway one night he becomes aware that he is sitting right beside one Jack Reacher agrees to protect the only good witness in a drugs case but there's someone after her and it's going to take everything he's got to keep her alive.

Following on from the events of 61 Hours, Reacher is en route to Nebraska to meet with the CO of the th Special Unit but he's about to have a run-in with a particularly brutal family before he can reach his destination In , just 6 months before the start of Killing Floor, Jack Reacher is still part of the military police and after a woman has her throat slit Reacher is sent undercover to find out who is responsible. But, as he pursues this quest for the truth, he starts to turn away from the army and the life he's known.

Jack Reacher hitches a ride with 3 strangers who seem quite suspicious as they start hurtling towards a police roadblock. Is Reacher allowing himself to be their perfect cover-up by turning their 3 into a 4?

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Jack Reacher is returning to his old unit's military police headquarters - his reason? He liked the sound of Major Susan Turner on the phone but now he's here and she's gone. Accused of murder and sent back to the army, things are getting stranger and stranger for Reacher Someone has attempted to kill the French president and the army are determined to track down Jack Reacher as he may just be the only one who can find the culprit.

Jack Reacher makes a one-day stopover at the quiet town of Mother's Rest where he meets a private investigator who's looking for her missing colleague. The longer Reacher stays in the town, the more suspicious he becomes of the locals and this missing person case Why are they there? They have been selected for the mission of saving the world from an alarming threat to global security. When passing a pawn shop, Reacher spots a woman's West Point class ring, he becomes intrigued as to why anyone would give that up and decides to track down the ring's owner to find out just that.

Lee Child in the Hot Seat!

He doesn't have a credit card. He buys new clothes every three days. And throws away the old ones.

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He owns nothing except a pocket toothbrush. He rights wrongs. He is laconically funny. Irresistible to women. He is Sir Lancelot, Lee Child has said. He is also Clint Eastwood , avenging drifter. He is also a bit Joe Pike. Like our man. Every ex-military hero was in the coolest branch of the armed forces.

What Lee Child Has Learned from Writing the Jack Reacher Books

What is the coolest branch of the armed forces? Very cool. Also cool.

And useful, if you want to write mystery-action hybrids. Military police means two things.

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One, he's a skilled investigator. Two, he could beat up everyone else in the army. This time it's Personal. Because Reacher put him away years ago. For killing a fellow soldier in a bar fight. This guy is Kott. Reacher should know. The French president will be vulnerable again soon. At the G8 meeting. In east London.

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So the army calls Reacher. And Reacher teams up with the CIA. In the personable shape of a young woman. They go to Paris and meet a Russian intelligence guy. They go to London and meet a Welsh guy called Bennett.

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MI6 or SAS. Probably both. There's a Serbian gang in Acton. A cockney gang in Barking. Not your usual tourist-thriller itinerary. As usual the novel has a refrain. This time it's that in a fight, no one knows what's going to happen. You know who that is. It is also Child. He is so good. He makes "literary" writing seem orotund. His sawn-off sentences pile up. He generates relentless momentum. Educational interludes. Sardonic riffs on consumerism. Always rhythmically placed in the ebb and flow of information. It approaches the Hitchcockian. Or carefully creeping up to a house over many pages.

Turns out to be empty. No matter. It makes the confrontation more dramatic. When it comes. Between the bad guys. And Jack Reacher.